42 Days Online, 2864 Members, $524000 Deposits, $190000 Payout

Dear Members,

Running Days: 42
Total Accounts: 2,864
Total Deposited: $524,040
Total Withdraw: $190,832

We are thankful to all loyal members for making Finance Power a successful investment business opportunity. We are best bitcoin investment program paying non-stop for 42 days.

Finance Power is the most trusted and reliable bitcoin investment opportunity. Investors can double or triple their bitcoin in just 12 days. Right now we have 3 investment plans.

Plan 1.) 3.00% – 6.00% Daily For 60 Days (Principal Included)
Plan 2.) 2.25% – 5.00% Daily For 12 Days (Principal Return)
Plan 3.) 200% – 300% After 12 Days (Principal Included)

Plan 1 Example:
Invest $1,001 and earn 4.5% daily return for 60 days. Withdraw earning daily to your e-currency account. You will not get back principal after 60 days. You get back 270% return and 170% is net profit.

Plan 2 Example:
Invest $1,001 and 2.50% daily return for 12 days. Withdraw earning daily to your e-currency account. You will earn 30% net profit and after 12 days you will get back your principal.

Plan 3 Example:
Invest $1,001 and get back ONE TIME 200% return after 12 days. 100% is your profit and 100% is your principal.

Perfect Money, Payeer, NixMoney, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Dash, ZCoin, ZCash and 300+ Other Altcoins accepted.

20% First Deposit Bonus Offer is valid till April 30, 2018

5%-10% affiliate commission is paid to all standard affiliates.

Up to 20% additional commission is paid to all downline leaders.

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Finance Power

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